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well it beats basket weaving…..

February 24, 2009

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These are my babies. Ratbag is the creamy one and she is mother to Spitfire (tabby) and Shadow.


Acetate card February 22, 2009

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This one left me scratching my head for ages but it finally all came together – not how I’d originally thought it was going to turn out I have to admit but it’s growing on me now. Sorry about the images being doubled, but it didn’t work the 1st time and when I did it again I ended up with it twice and don’t know how to get rid of one. Shall add it to my lomg list of things I need to find out – lol. This was for 



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Have been so busy lately, half term so no respite from the kids but has been good to spend time with them too. Have managed to do a couple of cards for some of the challenges, so have finally found a few minutes to upload them. This one was sooo much fun to make. The keyword for this was bling, not something I usually do so it was a great opportunity for a change. Check out the blog I really cant remember having so much fun for a while. Unfortunately most of it doesn’t show on the photo but I think I went a little OTT. Her toenails, sandals,belt, hair bobbles and spots on the t shirt are all either shiny or glittery or both, then we have the shiny matting and the pearlescent card and last but not least the gems in the flowers. BLING OVERLOADcimg1382


Better late than never challenge

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This little guy was made for the better late than never challenge, and was to create a card which was anything but a rectangle.


My head hurts February 15, 2009

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Well today started far too early for a Sunday. Had to collect my parents after getting the kids groomed and polished for the family photograph at 09.30. I hate having my picture taken at the best of times.  Unfortunately had been out with the girls last night, we decided to take Valentine’s day back from all the smooching couples and strike a blow for all us independant (read single) women. I think we behaved rather disgracefully, more like a hen night than a civilised meal out. We probably won’t be asked back to the restaurant again, and we got more than our fair share of dirty looks. I think we  may have spoiled many a romantic meal – oops, but us singles have fight to fight back sometimes.

Anyway, am feeling rather fragile this morning (god only knows what I’m going to look like on the portrait – thank heaven for cosmetics lol  – but have a couple of weeks to try and prepare myself for that), luckily the children are out for the day so can sit and play without interruption. Although being creative is probably a tad optimistic of me. I definitely need a gallon of caffeine before I start. If that fails I shall get some pictures of the cats to add to the profile page – lol.

If I don’t look like elephant man I may even post the portrait when I collect it.


Blog Candy February 13, 2009

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Ok ladies, The Whimsical Butterlfly has some great candy up for grabs – just visit her great blog and leave her comment and link showing where you’ve spread the word. Easy peasy  x


New Home February 12, 2009

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Well have finally finished trying to sort random posts into categories – not sure it’s all gone according to plan so will have to be more careful with future posts.

It’s nice to have a new home for my blog but am still learning how it works and what it can do but am sure will get there in the end. May even get round to adding a profile – lol